Oskar Mendel

Software Developer

About me

My name is Oskar Mendel

And I create AWESOME websites.

I have been intrested in PROGRAMMING since I was 13. Three years ago I started DESIGNING websites and since then web development has been my passion.

  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Photoshop


I offer full process design with high quality tailored for my clients needs.


I code websites to be highly responsive using multiple languages and the newest technologies.

SEO Optimization

I will optimize your website for search engimes so your website can be easily found on the web.


Having issues or something is not working with your current website, I answear emails within 24 hours.


Library Project

OpenWeatherJS is a library that lets you in a simple way retrieve weather data from your home city, either weekly or daily and using that you can have your own weather information on your website.

The library was written in TypeScript and uses Qunit for unit tests. TypeScript helped when it comes to writing code, it lets you for example put your mind on more imprtant things than structuring the code like you have to do in vanilla JavaScript and made developing the library a lot easier.

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Library Project

In programming you sooner or later will need to learn about different algorithms, this is a library built in JavaScript & C that will support various algorithms for strings, sorting, searching and math.

The library is built in both JavaScript & C and uses Qunit for unit tests and grunt for minifying.

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Software Project

I decided to create an IRC Bot when i learned more about Golang, a very interesting programming language. this was my first project using the language and was mostly made to learn more about it.

The bot uses an SQLite3 database to store both users and messages, there is a feature to block users as well as printing out all the messages target user has written to text files.

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Old Portfolio

Web Project

This site is what got me started in Web Design & Development. When I made this my goal was to learn about parallax scrolling at the same time as I'm creating my Portfolio.

When creating this website i got to learn more about JavaScript. I implemented fading effects as well as animations that trigger on scrolling through the website.

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Jacek's Portfolio

Web Project

This web project was made for my father who is a great photographer. The goal was to create a place where he could easily publish his photos on the web.

Too keep it simple the choice was to be using Wordpress as platform for this project, Wordpress allows an easy to use admin panel as well as its easy to work with.

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Inside Metal

Web Project

Inside Metal was a graduation project that me and my friend developed with Wordpress. It was a news website that targets news regarding music in the Metal scene.

This was the first project i have worked with where there was more than one developer. First developing this website we both had next to no prior knowledge of PHP or Wordpress but the project turned out great. Unfortunatley the website is not hosted anymore.


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