I'm Oskar Mendel

A passionate software developer constantly trying to develop
software that one can be proud of.

That one time with MSVC + ASAN

A story about the hardest problem I ever had to debug.

About Memory Part 1

A dive into how memory and more specifically RAM chips works under the hood.

Dart and language evolution.

I spent some time investigating the programming language Dart and it's features while comparing it to other programming languages.

Re-making my personal website.

My writeup about the process and creation of this new site. Lessons learned and pits I've fallen into making the site and the PUBE templating language.

What I do

A small showcase of some of my work.


My organization and collection of projects where most of my time is put into.


Arcade is a "over the weekend" project to develop a tetris clone from scratch without using libraries.


ParagraphJump allows the user to navigate swiftly between paragraphs in Visual Studio Code.


A music player that lets you play music from all sources.