Read Books

Read Books

1: PHP5 & MySQL Bible: All around good book when it comes to PHP bringing up topics like SQL programming and HTTP cookies which gives you a good foundation for programming in PHP.

2: Eloquent Javascript: Very good book teaching both the fundamentals and then moving on to more advanced topics of the Javascript language. Includes assignments or tasks in the end of every chapter which i recommend spending some time solving.

3: The Little Go Book: A good book to choose for a good introduction to Golang. Combining this book with The Go Tour and you will have enough understanding to start writing small applications.

4: Java Code Conventions: Teaches you a very important part of coding, how to structure your code. Using proper code conventions helps other developers when reading your code. And since hardly any software is maintained by its author for its whole lifetime it helps a lot to know how to structure your code properly.

5: TypeScript Revealed: A great introductory book to TypeScript a language created by Microsoft that compiles into JavaScript. A great tool which i recommend people to use because it helps your work flow to flow as well as if you’re a programmer from a non functional programming language this could help you as a Java, C# or C++ developer to get into building applications in JavaScript faster.

6: The Swift Programming Language: This is the book to go if you are interested in developing either applications for OS X or IOS. Swift is a modern language which is really easy to follow along with. Reading this book from cover to cover would get you a good ground to start developing your own applications in Swift.

7: The C Programming Language: This book is so far my favorite. I like the C language family a lot because it forces you to keep in mind garbage collection among other things. This book explains the language features in a very good way for a novice programmer. I recommend this book to everyone.